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Cyr wheel, music, and yarn-craft

Duration: 30 minutes

For all audiences


A thread. Before the Night, the Earth, and the Sky. We tell the story of the weary goddesses who weave and unwind the thread of our lives, watching over the harmony of the world. For the two of them it’s different, but not by much.


They have knitted themselves a world to explore. There he intertwines his playful melodies so she can dance; she undulates between the meanders of her Cyr wheel so his notes can wander.


And when the thread has been entirely unwound, it’s the end. Nothing else to do.

Unless we put the order of the world at peril - and that would be puerile.

Creation team: Rachel Salzman (cyr wheel/dance), Mathis Der Maler (composition/musical interpretation), Dorian Lechaux (direction)

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