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Duration (provisional): 30 minutes


Creation team: Rachel Salzman (cyr wheel/dance), Mathis Der Maler (composition/musical interpretation), Dorian Lechaux (direction)

A production of Cie Puéril Péril

For all audiences

Duo Cyr wheel/ live music

Their collaboration for Company Puéril Péril’s previous creation, “L’Autre”, gave Rachel and Mathis the desire to dig deeper. The natural affinity between their artistic languages – dance and Cyr wheel for Rachel; music for Mathis – allows the duo to seek a real interdependence, one that goes beyond simple accompaniment. How movement can produce music and music can provoke movement? Rachel and Mathis will experiment with the Cyr wheel as tool to create sounds live. Whole or deconstructed, the apparatus is a veritable factory of sounds and each of its elements has its own particular characteristics.

The musical compositions will be created from this material, starting from the raw sounds to gradually transform little by little into more complex musical arrangements. This theme of connections also appears in the modular scenography composed of woolen threads.  With a refined aesthetic, their world is exists between constructions and ephemeral deconstructions, between order and disorder.