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Patrick Richard, in his thirties, negligent in appearance, drawn features. Alone.

The air of someone who has given up, beaten down, a man who has lived a lot.

In fact, he is on the edge of ending it all by passing a cord around his neck. Nothing particularly spectacular, you will agree. And to bring an end to the show when it only just started, what a lack of savoir-vivre!


In this solo for four, the protagonists of Puéril Péril search to plunge themselves into a somber story overflowing with black humor as well as once again risking to touch upon something that scares them.

Here, circus serves to express with the body that which would be too difficult to understand with the habitual language of man, without renouncing all it’s subtitles. It will not search for any excuse to exist.

The last element of this equation is new to us: the musician. He plays some notes to bolster the fiction and others to destabilize the characters.


It is the absurd story of a man who would have preferred that you did not show up.

A show that demands we break … its codes.









Ronan Duee

Dorian Lechaux

Rachel Salzman

Mathis Der Maler



Around the artists onstage:

Director: Dorian Lechaux. Director of acting and outside eye: Colin Rey.

Light and sound creation/general stage manager: Thibaut Champagne and Sébastien Marc/Christophe Payot

Scenography: Clémentine Cadoret. Production and Administration: Manon Briens and Emmenuelle Nonet


Project Ardèche, Terre D’artiste, sponsored by the DRAC Auvergne – Rhône Alps and the department of Ardèche in conjunction with La Cascade-Pôle National des Arts du Crique (Boug-saint-Andéol), the Théâtre de Privas – scene conventionee, and Quelque p’Arts, National Center of the Street Arts and Public Space Boulieu-lès-Annonay (07); Théàtre du Vellein, regional stage (38); L’Echappé, Espace Culturel of Sorbier (42); The festival des 7 Collines at Saint-Etienne (42); La Mouche, Théâ Saint-Genis-Laval (69)

With support from the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,the city of Lyon,the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,

the Group of 20 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and the SPEDIDAM.

The company is also accompanied by the Circus school of Lyon.

2015 # Bichon's corporation