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Compagnie Puéril Péril


Apparently it’s not that easy to pronounce (especially for you English speakers!)… but still, it’s beautiful our name and full of meaning, too! Because the base of our business is risk. The one that makes the public tremble delightfully. The one that makes you peak from between your fingers, your eyes hidden behind your hands. The one that makes your heartbeat hammer.

The company was born in fall 2015 from duo Ronan and Dorian’s desire to create with circus, but it all came together with some beautiful and important encounters: Emmanuelle and Manon in administration; Nadege, Clémentine, Thierry, Nicolas, Catherine… an office full of people invested in this young association based in Lyon; and of course Rachel and Mathis, our new creative compatriots.

The main ambition of Puéril Péril remains, ultimately, to rule the world, but in the meantime we have lots of varied wishes to pursue: to create, to exchange, to travel, to surprise ourselves again and again… We hope to transport people Elsewhere, with us. And of course, it’s a love story. It’s always a love story.

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2015 # Bichon's corporation

Ronan Duee

Basing is a family affair for Ronan, carried from father to son, son of a banana salesman. And this story starts just before the tender age of puberty, and it starts on a unicycle. Later, in Lyon, Ronan decides to embark Dorian on his back and the jolly duo goes off to Montreal to accomplish their quest. This quest continues today, fueled by pedal strokes, by big arms, and by perils always more puerile.