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By Ronan Duée and Dorian Lechaux
A circus duo for stools
Duration : 50 minutes

These two guys, they are in construction. They have discovered a revolutionary technique of hyper-adaptable scaffolding with stools.

They are builders who desperately dare to reach peaks so high that from the tops of them we get dizzy. Their process is still in the experimental stage, but is super avant-garde.

And it holds?

Of course...

In fact, they are artisans of this action these two guys. They seek a careful balance on this intimate and fleeting border between danger and fall. No reason or moral, we are just here to pass a simple, fragile, and delicate moment. And is it necessary? No, certainly not, and that is why it is essential.

And so, here you say to yourself that you still have no idea what you’re going to see, that all of this seems quite puerile. We invite you to take the first risk and we’ll do the rest.


The difference between danger and risk? Danger is shit, you’re scared. Risk is exciting and provocative.


2015 # Bichon's corporation