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La Belle et ses Bichons

By and with Rachel Salzman, Dorian Lechaux, and Ronan Duée

Fresh on the heels of our first performances at the Jazz Festival of Montreal during summer 2014 with our show “La Belle et ses Bichons”, we have decided to renew the experience on a larger scale.

As in the first iteration, we find our three characters who play as much together as much they do with the public to share their joy at putting themselves in danger. They do so through their disciplines: Cyr wheel and hand to hand on unicycle and on the ground.

*This show has now finished after a magnificent tour in Europe summer 2015, thank you to everyone*

More memories on the facebook page: here

Number "The Parasite"

Number “The Parasite”:
By Dorian Lechaux and Ronan Duée
Hand to hand on unicycle
Duration: 10 minutes
Sometimes something unexpected arrives, a mishap that we have no idea what it’s doing there. We can try to tame it, we try to accommodate one another.

If one day you meet this thing that makes your day go to shit, this thing that trips you up, that scares you, those aspects of yourself you are fleeing… An emerging madness that puts you in danger. What would you do to it?




We created this show during the research and creation project at the National circus school of Montreal with five other artists/students from the school and under the direction of choreographer Edgar Zendejas. 

2015 # Bichon's corporation